Welcome to Bug HQ's online store! Home of the only crickets that are actually guaranteed to live! Now offering meal plan kits for bearded dragons! Check out our store https://dragonfeast.us/

About Bug HQ

Bug HQ has been in business since 2017.  With some ups and downs its first few years, we were forced to switch to banded crickets in 2020 and haven't looked back!  The quality of this new species is so much better than our previous acheta domestica, that the owner was stoked to help improve quality while also staying safer from future viruses. 

Bug HQ has been a wholesaler for its entire existence until 09/2021, when we launched our retail division to drive online retail sales through our shopify store.  This division is very new for us and we are working to make sure the experience is the best possible for the customer.  We have limited quantity available for retail sales each week due to such high volume in demand from the wholesale division, but we strive to grow more as we bring in additional revenue. 

The future of Bug HQ is to keep growing the facility yearly as we take over more of the market share each year, and bringing you more crickets available as we go!  Along with the expansions of more cricket rearing, there will be expansions into more roach breeding along with becoming a distributor for many reptile foods in the market.  

In 2022, the owner of Bug HQ will be launching his reptile company, starting to breed different popular pet lizards and snakes and following his dreams of working with reptiles, along with continuing the push for a bigger and better Bug HQ.  We hope to see you stay with us along our growth and look forward to your business!  Thank you so much for your interest in buying from a small business!

**If you have a pet store, save yourself some money and contact the owner.  Adam will put you in touch with the right people to order from to save yourself quite a bit of money and possibly even get delivery straight to your door!